February 08, 2011

9 September 2010

Had the option to learn to dive today. I decided not to but Ange had a turn. Watching them get kitted up was pretty funny.

Ange had trouble with her suit because one side was too big and the other was too small. Bruno’s had a hole in the crutch and “little Bruno” kept trying to get out. eventually they were all ready and we walked up to the lighthouse. There was no light house that I could see so maybe it was an historical reference. Giving everyone a turn at a dive probably took about 2 hours. Agnes and Kate went first, then Ange and Bruno and then Sean.

Bruno (L) Sean (R) - picture courtesy ACP

Ange and the trainer - picture courtesy of ACP
The rest of the day was ours to do what we wanted. Ange, Bruno, and I went to “Same Same But Different” for lunch. They make the best thick shakes I think you’ll find anywhere. They scoop about five scoops of ice-cream into a tall glass, pour the flavouring over the top and then leave it to melt. I had lemon and it was delicious.
Picture courtesy of ACP

After this indulgent and slothful lunch we went and did some window shopping. There are some really beautiful creations in Dahab like corals etc, but I don’t know how you’d go getting them through customs in Australia.

I brought a leather bracelet with a big green glass bead and Ange got some more for friends. I posted postcards today so we’ll see how long they take to arrive.

On a whim we three decided to go for Henna tattoos. Ange went first and got an almost Indian design on her hand. She slept on it the first night and gave herself a look like the bearded lady.

I got a huge lotus and vine on my left leg which subsequently left a print on my sleeping sheet. And Bruno got a dolphin, his name and an Egyptian eye on his arm.

We made off a time between Kate, Ange, Bruno and I and met on a balcony for a few pre-dinner drinks. We were all glamed up (as much as you could be) – I got to wear my dress and some make up for a change. We all looked pretty fine.

We went to a little bar called Churchill something. It was nice sitting and drinking on the balcony. One of Drew’s mates met up with us. I can’t remember where in England he said he was from. He was a bloody funny bastard. He was doing all these different accents and just slipping from one to the other with ease. He even had an almost convincing Australian accent.

Tried the Thai restaurant tonight. On the way there Teegs took off on some guys push bike, Bruno stole food of someone’s plate as the waiter brought it out and drew walked through overflowed, raw sewerage.

About this point we lost Drew. He took off somewhere.
After Thai we went to a bar called Mojito. It’s a club based on the drink. It was so loud in there I pretty much just shut down as soon as I got in. Too loud; too many half naked people; too smokey. I didn’t stay long. Ange and Teegs came back to the room a few hours later. Teegs banged on the door and yelled that she didn’t think I was awake. Ange came in and we both went back to sleep.

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