April 28, 2011

Proportion to one's courage

Tibetan Mani Prayer Wheels*
 Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.  ~Anaïs Nin

I don't know what inspired my wanting to use this image. I guess it's because I'm moving out of London for awhile. It's because I'm into the last two or three weeks of the semester and hence employment and money.

To say there is no fear or concern about these things would make me a liar. The old adage, we'll see what happens is very relevant here. That, I guess is the benefit of being the stereotypical, laid back Australian. I know things will be tough, I know I might not get to travel much or see temporary exhibits at different museums and art galleries, and I know that living a fancy high life might have to be put on the shelf for a while. But all of that, much as it will be trying, doesn't matter much. Life is good. Life has taken me on an amazing journey. Life has introduced me to many wonderful people.

I have learnt, from this last nine months, that relinquishing my death grip on the details, I can still survive in this crazy world. I also promise to do another blog, very soon about my travels in the Middle East. That journal got packed early on and I haven't had the heart to try and dig it out.

Till next time, remember our Captain Mal - "the wheel never stops turning..."


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