February 26, 2012

Blah Fashion

Image by Colin Anderson
Fashion. What can I say. When you're actually at a show, it is so boring. You are surrounded by pretentious twats who are completely wrapped up in looking like everyone else in the near vicinity of them. I learnt today that fashion is about shoes that don't fit, looking like an emaciated African child, hair in a top not be it messy or neat and the ability to sneer rather than smile, if you can smile at all.

I find the end result of fashion photography, freely available in so many magazines, far more interesting. Given my interest in photography in general, that isn't surprising. It is hard to find anything positive to say about creations like this;

Image Source Lumberjack homeless men freshly out of prison
Or even this;

Image Source Thepethial

Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh cause I didn't mind the work of Holly Fulton. For example;

Image Source Holly Fulton

Image Source Holly Fulton
Thanks London Fashion Week 2012 but you haven't won this cynic over. I think I actually have less time for this world than ever before. I could go into great depth about how it is degrading to women as a whole, how the industry produces a lot of "stuff" that no one in their right mind would ever wear publicly or how exploitation features predominantly for those in the world of chain fashion. But essentially why bother? Many others, far more capable than I have already done it. Perhaps I'm just getting bitter about the mass market, over saturation style demands of what I should look like, what I should wear and what I should find interesting.

My flat mate has been reading this over my shoulder and asked if today is brutal honesty Sunday. And yes. I think it is.

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  1. Agree on every point. However this does not stop me from gazing in wonder at the Burberry Prorsum shows every damn season. For some reason I find them and Chanel mesmerising.