June 22, 2012

Too much time?

You know that moment where you realise you have too much time on your hands? I'm there.

The number one song on my birthday. I also have a suspicion I danced to this when I was many years younger.

This was the number one somewhere when my Dad was born.

For my Mum; (I hate to say it, but this song really is shit, so how it got to number one, I don't know)

For my Sister;

For my Brother in Law;

and my Niece,


And even though its Sesame Street, this is cute and kids should know this song.

I love Elmo!

For Sarah. Remember that New Year's party where we were so drunk we got footage of you doing this dance?

I like to move it move it

Remember how we all thought these were an ugly brother, his ugly sister and a non-gender specific little person;

I think I liked the melting Barbies best;


1 comment:

  1. Not all the videos would load for me but Lucy loved the sesame street ones. Sarah, I might still have video evidence of that new years :)