August 13, 2012

It's different in Scotland


Our plan this morning had been to go to the Palace of Holyrood but when we arrived it was closed up for the pending arrival of the Queen. She wasn't arriving for another three days but they had to air the Palace out so it didn't smell like commoners (theory only). Such a disappointment! 

The only picture of any worth, of the Palace. © Glaciations of the World
We ended up bringing our meet with Twitter friend Camilla forward. We went through security at the Scottish Parliament and wandered into the cafe to search her out. It was to great to meet and have a real face for the name. I think we talked and gossiped for about two hours but we had to leave Camilla to get on with some work after that.

I brought some Haggis crisps while we were there. (I didn't end up eating them until we got home. And even then I didn't eat them cause the taste of them is something I think you need to have given to you from birth, as I think eating it once you're in your 30s and stuck in your ways, is too much of a challenge).

© Glaciations of the World

After coffee, Angie and I got the bus around to National Museum of Scotland.

This picture shows the new addition and the old section. The building is amazing!
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Inside © Glaciations of the World

I really enjoyed just wandering around looking at "stuff".

Japanese Temple Lantern. © Glaciations of the World

Cash Register © Glaciations of the World

Sewing machine display © Glaciations of the World

I am almost positive my Grandparents had something similar to this in their house. 
© Glaciations of the World

Cast iron drinking fountain made in the 1880s by Glasgow firm Walter Macfarlane and Co. 
© Glaciations of the World

"The perceived duration of each minute varies from person to person. As you get older, you become more aware that time isn't on your side and every minute that passes is gone forever" Dr John C Taylor OBE © Glaciations of the World
© Glaciations of the World

© Glaciations of the World

Buddha Amida © Glaciations of the World

Hallway between two exhibition halls. The stained glass at the opposite end is from Montrose Old Parish Kirk, Angus, probably by Douglas Strachan (1875-1950). Strachan was considered Scotland's leading stained glass artist. His work can also be seen  in the North Window of the High Kirk of St Giles, and the Scottish National War Memorial at Edinburgh Caslte. © Glaciations of the World

Angie as a Viennese(?) or Carnivale character. 
© Glaciations of the World

Yours Truly © Glaciations of the World
By the time we left the museum the weather was starting to get heavy. Angie and I stopped to get some food and when we got back out on the street it was even heavier. We followed one street along, which ended up taking us down to the university and graduations.

To get warm after being caught in the rain we stopped at the Black Medicine Coffee Co. and got a peppermint hot chocolate. It was the best hot chocolate I've ever had!

© Glaciations of the World

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  1. That hot choc looks delicious! And I like the sewing machines.