June 09, 2011

k.d.lang @ Royal Festival Hall London - 3 June 2011

The first time I saw k.d.lang live I was 16. My uncle took myself and my friend to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre and we called him Dad. It made sense to us. Writing this now, I don't know for certain if this was the first time I'd been. It doesn't matter.

14 years later, I will still pay whatever the asking price of a ticket is, and I will not let anyone or anything stop me from getting to a show.

I broke my Facebook embargo that night to say people should hold onto their dreams no matter how unattainable or fantastical they may seem as I had had one of my dreams come true. At the end of the concert I got to shake her hand and she said 'hello, thank you' to me. I could have died happy and yes, I have washed my right hand since that night. It just goes to show what can happen in a lifetime.

The concert had come to an end. k.d. walked to the front of the stage and a lady stepped forward with her had out stretched. In response, k.d. stepped forward and took it. From there a heap of people came to the stage all putting their hands out. I was watching from the other side of the stage and feeling slightly jealous. Within seconds, k.d. was on the same side of the stage as where my seat was. I figured, one in, all in and stepped forward with my hand out. As I've got further up, she took my hand, said 'thank you' and looked me in the eye as she did it. There's not much else to tell, it was all over as quickly as it had started.
All picture copyright to me.

Stage all set up and ready to go.

Support act - Lil Miss Higgins - please google search or youtube them. They're fantastic.


  1. Lady, you CANNOT blog about shaking k.d.'s hand and not tell the story of how it happened!! Please tell!?

  2. Thank-you so much for editing your post at my request :) I had hoped maybe you got to go backstage but what happened is kinda magical!