July 22, 2011

Karnak and Hurgarda

Lambs were all along the initial walkway...

This picture gives you an idea of the size of the columns against the size of a man...

Original Colours

Joel & Ange in the shade

L-R: Joel, Ange, Adrian, Tara, John, Mohammad (site guide) As you can see from Joel's fan, Anges melting and everyone else's general state, we were melting, melting, melting...

Joel - Image via ACP

Me and Bruno taking a photo of the lucky scarab beetle. Legend has it that you walk around it 7 times and you'll have lots of good luck. I've got video somewhere of others on the tour doing it and some of them getting a tad giddy at the end of it. Image via ACP

I couldn't resist buying these for the males in the family. I only got the smaller ones on the left, and I still wish I'd got the one on the right. Seems that these fertility statues have been helping out a certain family member. Image via ACP

I'm not 100% sure which way these two videos will have uploaded. One of them is a little kid who whirls around for minutes on end and the other is of Drew, our driver. This is our first night in Hurgarda and we were all really drunk.  The owner of the restaurant brought tequila shots over for us, but some of the group had already left so Adrian and I finished them off.

Ange ended up having to walk me home. She even had to guide me away from an Egyptian guy trying to sell us extra bottles of coke. It was a good thing she was with me though, as I forgot they drove on the other side of the road so I nearly walked out in front of a car. 

The next night, still in Hurgarda, we all got dressed up to go out for dinner and drinks. Ange and I met up with Burno and Joel in their room and started with a few early drinks. Vodka and red bull. We got to the restaurant and ordered our food and some more drinks. Bruno and I shared a large pitcher or Sangria over the meal. 

When the meals were served we found out that the bar offered free cocktails for women between 9 and 10pm. Most of us figured why not. We headed for the bar and started ordering drinks. The bartender was free pouring the vodka and replacing drinks one after the other. I think that the 12 cocktails Ange, Helen and I had is probably about double that. I don't know how I managed to get home, it felt like walking on a travelator at the airport and my eyeballs were pulsing.

Please note that these photos are blurry because we were less than capable of taking photos. This is also the night my camera got busted. I remember picking it up off the floor but I don't know how it got there.

Helen practicing her toilet pose

Ange practicing her toilet pose

Ange and Bruno

Helen, in a drunken whisper, yells, look at that guys comb over!! Naturally, Ange and Helen then whipped their hair into side pony tails and kept dancing.

Me, Ange, Bruno, and Deidra

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