August 09, 2011

London Calling

Watching this from my new flat, I kind of feel a bit disassociated from it all. The following pictures, all credit remaining with the original photographer, were taken in Wood Green, which is about a 15 minute slow walk from where I used to live.

My cousin, however, is still surrounded by it in Brixton. I'm not sure of where she is location wise, but the riots have been on three different sides of her.

Last night, Angie and I were watching the news and saw that the riots had moved in to Camden and Chalk Farm. My boss had been going to something at the Round House so I texted her immediately to see if she'd left. Turns out she had, but she replied that they had warning enough for them to leave. One of her friends though had stayed on and been locked in the building  for two hours until it was safe to leave. Apparently they played charades.

At the moment it's 20.35hrs and I've been avoiding the news and avoiding twitter. I sat up till nearly 2am watching all of the happenings last night and I can't take much more in. I'll have a look at it later tonight though and this morning as I don't want to walk into something when I go into work. I have heard rumours that there has been disturbances at Warren St and Great Portland St. Both of which are only about 15 minutes walk away from work.

I guess we'll see what happens. I won't say enjoy the photos, but rest assured, I'm being careful.

O2 Store in Wood Green

Body Shop in  Wood Green

TMobile in Wood Green

JD Sport There were people apparently making an orderly queue to go in and get shoes. - I love this photo! People of London unite. Like many of the twitterati are saying, there are more of us against the riots than there are rioters.
If you can, name and shame any rioters you can. London shouldn't be left looking like a war zone. Egypt and Libya are fighting to over throw violent dictators, and managing it peacefully (bar those paid to cause havoc) and look how things are progressing over there. Turn your noses up if you will, but the fighting over there will mean something at the end of all this.

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