March 04, 2012


Heading to Soho

This picture was doing the rounds on Twitter the other week. The meat is cheap but don't be fooled, the cut is stringy.
Waiting outside the British Library waiting to go into the Illuminate: Up Late
Wall of Books inside the British Library

This was 3D when you were in front of it but you lose quality in the picture.

For some reason this won't rotate but this is my "creation" from Illuminate. We were asked to choose a letter and design it. The letter could be calligraphy, logo or anything we wanted. Some of the ones I was being done were amazing. The letters are being collected to go into a book that the group leader, Mary Pullen, is going to put on her website here.
"Teabag with needs" - just about says it all really.

My religious, lucky charm.
Mini daffodils. Angie's finger as scale reference.

Actual shadows caused by actual sun. Contrasting hugely with today where it has been raining and yuck with a few pieces of sleet thrown into the mix.

Inside the Cafe in the Park in Cassiobury Park

67 Gade Close - Cassiobury Lodge. Grade II Heritage listed building. Built 1805-1815. This is part of the stable portion of the house. The main house was demolished in 1927. For the number of times Angie and I have walked around the area, this is the first time we've actually noticed this house.

Apparently this passes for "classy" in Watford. I know I go for the tiger skin on my cupboards.

And if you live in this ugly monstrosity, the above interior could be yours.

Now for those who haven't done their own research, the Central line DOES NOT run past this building.

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