October 29, 2012

1066 Country

The Chatsworth Hotel. Our hotel was very Agatha Christie meets  Fawlty Tours. It was a lovely room though. Sea views and all. The front floor level, behind the blue car, are plastic chairs, all in a row. It kind of reminded me of a nursing home. 

The pier. All burnt down. My bosses husband was offered it in a sale for £1.  ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

Bus Shelter. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

View out to sea. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

They had putt putt golf on the sea front. Not sure why the water was blue though. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

West Hill funicular railway. ©Angilamb

View from West Hill. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

West Hill Castle ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

Crows at the Castle ©GlaciationsoftheWorld


View to the pier from West Hill. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

Gateway to the dungeon ©GlaciationsoftheWorld




The Stade. Old fishing area of Hastings. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

Houses under the East Hill ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

Poor fishy is scared Angie is going to bite him. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

Continuity t-shirt ©AngiLamb

We played on the penny machines in the arcade and I won 19 finger wrestling puppets. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

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