October 29, 2012

In Berlin

View from my room. Roof on the left is Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-Park. One of the couples on the tour could feel the trains running under their rooms. I braved the U-Bahn solo on my first day. ©GlaciationoftheWorld

Remains of the Wall ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

Potsdamer Platz was the opposite end of the street but is the next stop up from the one visible from the room. Taken on film. The images from my film camera are all a bit 1970s Polaroid in look because when the film was processed the company ruined the film. I may blog post some of the later shots where they're even worse than this.  ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

Fenced off area of the Wall. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

This is the site of one of Hitler's offices. The Government has removed the original building as it was being used as a shrine. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

Moi, standing on either side of the wall. There were all sorts of debate on which way the writing would appear on the bronze. It was seen as favouring one side or the other whichever way it faced. To me it all sounded a bit silly but having not lived underthe regime, I cannot image what it would have been like. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

Taken on film. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

Holocaust Memorial from the footpath ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

Holocaust Memorial from the interior. The following video is an attempt to show you the feelings of stillness and isolation you experience within. While the screaming of teenagers, and the conversations of other people can be heard, you can't always be sure where they're coming from. The blind corners also mean you stumble into other people taking photos, and also walk into people exploring the same as yourself. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

Brandenburg Gate ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

Pulpit within the Berlin Cathedral ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

Alter in the Berlin Cathedral. Taken on film. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

As above. Digital. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld
The organ. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld
Go here to see it after the bombings of WWII http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Berliner_Dom_1964_organ.jpg

In this house, the leaders of the Nazi party held a meeting to discuss the "Jewish Problem" in a similar way as you might decide on what kind of sandwiches to make for the company picnic. Horrific. The house is also down a pretty little street, completely residential, tree lined and lovely. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

The house itself. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

The card under this picture reads "flanked by a member of her film crew, a distraught Leni Riefenstahl looks on during the murder of the Jews" ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

People bring potatoes, instead of flowers, to Fredrick's grave because he brought them back to the country. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

Monument near Fredrick's grave. Taken on Film. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

Sanssouci Palace from the bottom of the garden. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

Hello Me. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

Potsdam ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

Next to Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. From the outside, this building is horrendous! It is not pretty - just grey. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

But then you walk inside and you are bathed in amazing amounts of blue. I cannot put into words the way this makes you feel. Calm. Relaxed. Other adjectives of this nature. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

Berlin Zoo. A lovely story about the zoo is The Zookeepers Wife.  I didn't expect to like this book but I did. Just a little aside. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

The German branch of the English Royal Family. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

The floor. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

This is the hotel we stayed in. I have a few other pics to share but these will keep for another day. ©GlaciationsoftheWorld

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  1. Wonderful! I was reading this on my phone then had to log onto the computer to check out all the lovely photos properly. xx