February 03, 2013


 After arriving back in London, I went from King's Cross to Baker St to meet my cousin brother. We then boarded a bus for Stansted airport and made our way towards Stockholm. When we arrived in Sweden, and exited the terminal, the first thing that happened was we both started coughing. An 80 minute bus journey later we arrived at Central Station in Stockholm. We had a map for the hotel we were staying at but given it was the wee hours of the early am, we jumped in a cab and did it the easy way. The next morning we woke up to this kind of temperature.

 We went and collected our Uncle and took him to the motel so he could drop his bag off. Then, rugging up, we ventured out again. 

Yours truly and the Uncle - image by ACP
Snow balls
Please note the ice forming on my snood. Parts of it I was able to snap on the rare moments I took it off.

Group of guys pushing the snow off the roof. Not my idea of fun.

This was originally a bottle of water but it gives you an idea of how cold it was.
Even the ducks were searching for warmth.

Standing in front of the Vasa. The ship wasn't balanced so when she set sail on her maiden voyage a gust of wind caught the sails, the gunwales went under the water line, she filled up with water and sank like a stone, upright, to the bottom of the harbour.


A bit of silly. 

Image from ACP


  1. The sounds on board the ship are particularly realistic

  2. Looked like quite a chilly spot, sounds like the cab ride was an excellent idea given the temps. Good photo of you and your uncle! The photo of you in your snood made us laugh. The bottle of water was amazing. The Vasa had a very interesting maiden voyage - all the effort of building all for nothing. You all look like you were enjoying some silliness and as for the sounds on board ship - hmm, I wonder who that sound effect 'man' was ? :)

  3. Leanne enjoyed this Blog.