February 03, 2013

In Paris

Having been to Paris once before, I don't have that many new photo's to share.

We left London on Eurostar on Monday morning and 2 hours later, arrived in virtually the heart of Paris.

All lit up. The timing was perfect as moments after I took this picture the lights went out.

Sacre Coeur

As we reached the Moulin Rouge the police started to cordon the area off. We never discovered if it was for a guest arrival or a bomb scare.

No left turn
Paris Opera

Musee de Lourve

Angie at the Lourve

We spent quite a while in the Islamic galleries. The artwork and the history of this region is amazing.

Surprisingly, when we reached the room where the Mona Lisa hangs, we found it virtually empty; at least by comparison to the first time I saw her. I managed, on this viewing, to get a better image of her.

Preparing a room for a new installation. It was interesting to watch a team unpack and organise the items.

Selfie in front of a boy riding a dolphin heading into Napoleon's apartments.

Taken while standing directly underneath one of the many, many, many chandeliers.

Street artist. We passed this guy setting up in the morning at about 11am and this  photo was taken at about 16.30

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  1. Thanks Bessie. Liked your Paris photos, especially the one taken from under the chandelier and the street artist, all that talent and he wastes it on the street/footpath. Guess the passers by enjoy him sharing with them.